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Seeking new ideas, inspiration or support for mathematics instruction? Teachers looking for research-based strategies to engage and challenge students of diverse backgrounds may access materials from the Ne‘epapa Ka Hana (NKH) Teacher Institute

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This section features the teacher versions available for all student courses. Every student course has teachers guides which includes tools and resources that support the teacher in implementing the course.

Professional Development

STEMD² offers strategies for teaching middle school math in the 21st century. The teacher needs to leave the pulpit at the front of the room and start facilitating learning in a student-centered environment that increases motivation, engagement, and success. The professional development courses includes practical strategies for working with the students in the classroom to help them learn.

Connectivist Teaching
Inclusive Education and Connectivism
Project-Based Learning and Connectivism

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We provide resources for teachers and students in Hawaiʻi to improve access to online learning and achievement in STEM courses.

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