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STEMD² student courses aim to improve Students’ Mathematics Proficiency, Improve students’ digital, social, cultural, and information literacy and related skills along with Improving students’ persistence in and attitudes toward mathematics.

STEM Learning

STEMd²’s mission is to enable open and self-directed learning extending beyond the classroom and into students’ communities. Allowing students to find and process knowledge in their own way and define the value of knowledge in their own context. Empower students to compete in proposing creative solutions, but collaborate to critically analyze their own or others’ ideas. Allow students to explore problems from different perspectives (social, cultural or political ) and help educators demonstrate the application of know-how and know-why in natural settings.

6th Grade Math

Our 6th-grade books include problem-based math activities aligned with GoMath! and the end of the course test. The activities focus on Hawaii’s natural environment and guide the students from our biodiverse oceans to our tempered mountains. Students will explore environmental issues that are threatening our nature and learn about preservations measures that we can apply with the help of mathematical strategies. 

7th Grade Math

Our 7th-grade math books incorporates Hawaiian traditions of caring for our islands and illustrates the importance of the natural resources found here. Students will learn how math can be used to support traditional Hawaiian ways of farming, fishing and building.

8th Grade Math

For our 8th grade students, we offer four books. Let’s build a Canoe, Let’s go Fishing, Let’s play the Ukulele and Let’s create a Da Kine. The book series gives students a variety of culturally relevant themes to choose from.  

What We Do

We provide resources for teachers and students in Hawaiʻi to improve access to online learning and achievement in STEM courses.

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