Let’s Make Da Kine  

These end-of-unit mini projects are intended to be interactive and fun ! For each unit, you will have the opportunity to put the math you have learned into context and be creative in solving open-ended tasks.

The Da Kine Project

Course Overview

STEM Learning

You will discover on your own how the mathematics you are learning this year can be used to design and race canoes through research, collaboration and guided questions.

Design Through STEM

You will also design and test a model canoe based on your findings and ideas, then finally present your project proudly to your family and friends . 

Problem Solving

You will learn to use the Internet for learning, collaboration and applying your mathematics knowledge to solve real-world problems. By the end of the year, you will easily understand and interpret mathematics language and, hopefully, do much better in your exams.

Course Units

Unit 1

Kine Unit 1

Unit 2

Kine Unit 2

Unit 3

Kine Unit 3

Unit 4

Kine Unit 4

Unit 5

Kine Unit 5

Unit 6

Kine Unit 6

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