Inclusive Mathematics Education Component of AISLM

Inclusive mathematics education recognizes the diversity of the students and uses strategies to engage all students. Inclusive education strategies ensure that all students can experience success in math. The NKH 2.0 summer institute will provide practical strategies for implementing inclusive mathematics including culturally responsive education, place-based education, and recognizing students as experts.
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Inclusive Mathematics Education Component of AISLM

Education was not my first career field. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology and worked in a lab for a few years before I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. So, I entered a teacher certification program to prepare for my new career. I remember the instructors briefly mentioning that my classroom might have students with differing abilities, but it would be easy to handle by differentiating instruction. I remember learning about different strategies for differentiating instruction, including setting up centers. At the time, these sounded like great ideas that would be super easy to implement. All of my students would be engaged and learning and I would be the best teacher ever.

Fast forward to my first days in my classroom. I realized that I didn’t have a few students with differing abilities. I had ALL of my students with differing abilities, cultures, understanding, motivation, etc. I was overwhelmed and had no idea how in the world I was supposed to teach all of these children at the same time. I felt like there should be one teacher for every student. It took me several years to discover and implement authentic social learning and figure out how to really reach ALL of my students. When you can actually reach your students, they are more motivated to learn and your job becomes easier.

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