Implementing the AISLM

The are four components of the AISLM: connectivist learning, inclusive mathematics, projectbased learning, and formative assessment. The AISLM uses connectivism as the base but adds PBL, inclusive strategies, and formative assessments to create a highly motivating and successful middle school math classroom.
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Unit 2. Lesson Planning for the AISLM


Unit Progress

The AISLM incorporates strategies that enhance the connectivist principals of agency, openness, connectivity, and diversity. Agency is the result of providing your students with choices and develops students who are self-motivated and empowered. Openness is the result of providing your students with a variety of learning resources and develops students who know how to learn. Connectivity is the result of your students networking in learning and develops students who know how to use networks to enhance their learning. Diversity is the result of exposing your students to different opinions and perspectives and develops students who understand different ways of learning and problem-solving.

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Course Content
Reflection Question

What system do you usually use for lesson planning (book, template, spreadsheet, district form)? How can you adjust this system to plan lessons using the AISLM?

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