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Do you often find it difficult to engage your students in the classroom? It’s not easy to capture students’ attention and get them excited about learning. That’s where we come in. Our project, Neʻepapa Ka Hana (NKH) 2.0, offers free learning activities as a way to offset this issue by increasing engagement and achievement of all students including Native Hawaiians, students at-risk of school failure, and students with special needs.


Student Courses

Hawai'ian Math Activities

By providing materials with culturally relevant concepts and terminology, students are much more motivated to learn in the classroom. For example, students in Hawaiʻi would much rather answer a statistics problem about Uncle Kimo and Kaimana surveying fish populations than Joe and Sue shoveling large amounts of snow off their windshield. By involving relevant scenarios, students can relate to the materials, and thus are intrinsically motivated to learn in the classroom. 


The evidenced-based NKH model has been successfully validated for 8th grade classrooms through:

  • Improving attitudes and persistence
  • Increasing engagement and intrinsic learning
  • Tech savvy 21st century learning
  • Confident mathematics proficiency

Now, we are expanding our curriculum to 6th and 7th grade in hopes of increasing success rates for all middle school students of Hawaiʻi. 

Math Activities

Online learning platform 

Our learning activities, located on our community platform, aim to allow students an opportunity to share their understanding with other participating students in a safe online environment. We have build this platform specifically for students and teachers to enable online collaboration on math problems. 

A Word

From Our Teachers

“[This program] is something that all teachers and especially new teachers in Hawaii should have. Not only does it involve math for general education students, it can also be used in planning for teachers who work with those students with special needs.”

– SPED Teacher