Connectivist Teaching

Connectivism is a pedagogical approach that utilizes classroom networks and collaboration. In connectivist classrooms, students are free to work collaboratively and communicate with their classmates and the teacher. Students utilize social learning strategies, including social technologies, to acquire and apply new knowledge. The NKH 2.0 summer institute will provide practical strategies for implementing connectivist strategies in the middle school math classroom.
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Do you remember the teacher from the Charlie Brown movies and comic strips? Have you ever been trying to teach a math lesson and wondered if your students are hearing what Charlie Brown and his classmates heard? A lot of teachers feel that way at the end of the day. The problem is that we are trying to teach 21st-century students using the same teaching model from the 1800s, and it is just not working. In the age of Artificial Intelligence, we cannot educate future computer programmers in the same way of educating factory workers after the Industrial Revolution. We need to match our teaching methods with the learning styles of today’s students and the need for the future workforce. These students will be entering a workforce that is dramatically different from students in the 1800s or 1950s needed, so they need a different set of hard and soft skills.

To prepare students to be successful in the 21st-century workforce, we need to teach using 21stcentury skills and methods. In their future jobs, your students will be expected, more than before, to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems creatively and effectively. Your students may be expected to communicate and collaborate with co-workers that are in a different country. If your students are not taught these skills early, they are not going to be prepared for future success. This training guide is designed to give you practical ideas and strategies to shift to 21st-century teaching using Authentic and Inclusive Social Learning Model (AISLM). This model will help you engage your students, and yourself, in the classroom.

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