6th Grade math

Let’s go from Mauka to Makai

STEMD² now offer math activities for 6th-grade math in our new book Let’s go from Mauka to Makai. Students will discover how the mathematics they are learning can be used to explore Hawaiian Nature.

7th Grade math

Let’s Take Care of the Loʻi

STEMD² now offers math activities for 7th-grade math in our new book Let’s take care of the Loʻi. Students will discover how the mathematics they are learning can be used to support and preserve Hawaii’s natural habitat.

STEMD² is a Federal Funded learning platform that enables students to gain hands-on STEM learning and supports teachers with the goal of broadening STEM Learning.


Our student courses are problem-based and culturally relevant to Hawaiian life. We aim to support the math learning process for 6th, 7th and 8th graders through activities that excite students about learning. Students will follow math standard activities that have been adopted after Hawaiian traditions, history and natural environment. 

Our social learning platform has been designed as an online forum where students can complete their math activities through collaborations with other students and teachers on the platform. Each grade has it’s own section and students are encouraged to ask questions and share their answers with their peers. Look for the learning platform button on the student grade pages. 


STEMD²’s Teacher Professional Development Program offers training for teachers in inclusive strategies that can help you prepare for, implement, and discuss socially and culturally responsive problem-based learning in your classroom. We offer stipends and credit for PD participation. Join now to learn more about our teacher program.

We host our teacher professional development courses on our social learning platform to illustrate how the teacher can use online tools in their classrooms. Our PD course is set up the same way that the student courses are which gives the teachers knowledge and experience of its use once they are finished with their training and are ready to implement the student activities in their classroom.

STEMD² Student Books

STEMD² Research & Development Group publishes Book Series as part of Ne’epapa Ka Hana model for teaching mathematics in Hawaiʻi middle schools. This book series seeks to provide Hawaiʻi middle school teachers resources and training to incorporate problem-based learning, social learning, and inclusive pedagogy through a culturally relevant mathematics curriculum offered to 6th, 7th and 8th-grade math.

Available in Ōlelo Hawaiʻi. 

Teacher Professional Development

Through our PD courses, teachers build skills and access resources that make problem-solving the focus of each activity. Teachers use social networking technologies to help students develop deep mathematics knowledge.

Connectivist Learning and Technology
Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy
Problem-Based Learning
Formative Assessment

Teacher Feedback

[This program] is something that all teachers and especially new teachers in Hawaii should have. Not only does it involve math for general education students, it can also be used in planning for teachers who work with those students with special needs.

––SPED Teacher

Teacher Feedback

I have already seen significant improvement in student learning in my classroom because my kids are more engaged and challenged.

––8th Grade Math Teacher

Teacher Feedback

I’ve taken quite a few PD Courses over the years, but I can honestly say this has been one of the best PD Courses for not only myself but my students as well.

––3rd Grade Teacher


Teacher Feedback

Part of the reason for the huge achievement gap in Hawaii is the lack of support available for our marginalized and special needs students.

––8th Grade Mathematics Teacher 

 STEMD² R&D Group

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What We Do

We provide resources for teachers and students in Hawaiʻi to improve access to online learning and achievement in STEM courses.

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