Professional Development

To help educators prepare for, implement and discuss socially and culturally responsive problem-based learning.

Professional Development  

Seeking new ideas, inspiration or support for mathematics instruction? Teachers looking for research-based strategies to engage and challenge students of diverse backgrounds may access materials from the Ne‘epapa Ka Hana (NKH) Teacher Institute. Our institute provides an introduction to:



Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy


Culturally and socially responsive problem-based learning


Cooperative learning through technology (connectivism).

Professional Development Courses 

Connectivist Learning and Technology

Connectivist Learning & Technology Course

1. Cooperative Learning 

2. Connectivism

3. Mathematics and Connectivism

4. Connectivist Learning and Technology Feedback

5. Social Learning & Social Technology Part 1

6. Social Learning & Social Technology Part 2

Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy

Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy Course

1. Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy I

2. Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy II

3. Inclusive Mathematics Pedagogy Feedback 

Socio-Culturally Responsive Problem-Based Learning

Socio-Culturally Problem-Based Learning Course 

1. Problem-Based Learning 

2. Place-Based Education 

3. Socially & Culturally Responsive Education 

4. Problem-Based Learning Feedback

Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment Course 

1. Overview of Formative Assessment

2. Implementing Formative Assessment 

3. Formative Assessment Feedback